"I reached out to Michelle for healing during one of my anxiety flare ups earlier this year. Having had distance reiki before - I knew it works but once again my logical mind became sceptical of the whole thing. But I didn’t let it stop me as energy healing always gave me relief from anxiety in the past.I asked specifically to work on my mother wound as that’s the root cause of my mental health issues. At least in this lifetime.


Michelle takes her time and the session with her was longer than the ones I had done before. I gradually relaxed during the session and felt sensations in almost all of my chakras as she worked her magic in my energy field. As she later pointed out - my breathing was very shallow to begin with and she had to request for it to slow down so I could relax and be open for healing. I felt much calmer and balanced as the session progressed and didn’t want it to end.


Michelle also took her time giving the feedback, it wasn’t rushed and there was A LOT of information which I’m still reflecting on to this day. Even listening to her talk was very therapeutic in itself as she is very calm and patient and I felt understood and supported in a non judgmental way." 


"It was uncanny. It felt like Michelle wrapped a warm blanket around me and was giving me a hug, even though she was thousands of miles away. A truly lovely experience that was both relaxing and invigorating. I highly recommend her." 


"...I had the most wonderful distance reiki with Aradia Healing Arts yesterday as the full moon was rising. ... Her treatments are so powerful and this time it was almost ecstatic. I was pinned down and lifted up by the experience, in the best possible ways." 

                                              Sha Sha